LSB is a fresh alternative rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Five friends that have worked with finnish top artists wanted to play rock together and LSB was formed.  With their debut album Bewitched the band form an impressive wall of sound along with a bunch of interesting stories.

There's a world of things waiting to be captured, out there as well as within us. And we think we've got the words for it. In the song So Right even things like freak circus, enigmatic cabaret and lindy-hopp frenzy is thrown in the mix with this original guitar rock song. And take for instance the new song "Bewitched" -- I wonder if you find it any bit as strong and thought-provoking as we feel it to be? Or "Blue Bus", well, it just might be the only song written about the fine drivers in Helsinki city public transportation.


Lauri Schreck - Vocals, guitars
Riku Kantola - Keyboards
Sami Niskavaara - Guitar
Tero Palo - Bass
Mikko Pöyhönen - Drums